Business Partners

Guayabo Animal Rescue just launched and are now looking to partner with like-minded people and businesses who share our mission, and feel it’s important to save lives and help people.
If you’re a business, organization, foundation, or someone who simply cares, either in Costa Rica, the U.S. or any place across the globe who know of and love this special region – we need you!
If interested in learning more about our efforts and how you can get involved, please contact us at
As a trusted partner we will add your logo to our website, and have various sponsorship opportunities available as well, such as signage, special guest visits, marketing efforts, etc.

We are excited to create a custom plan that fit your needs and can’t wait to meet!

Other Animal Rescues

Having trusted animal welfare partners who also care for animals in and around Costa Rica is critically important, when it comes to placement, educational programs, and services.
We are interesting in learning what you do to help and can’t wait to partner in some way to better serve the animals and people in Costa Rica. This can mean helping with adoption efforts in Costa Rica and even outside the country.
Adoption transport efforts are needed as well.
Please reach out and we will also be in touch as we learn of you. We can’t wait to build these important partnerships. It truly takes a village!