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1st parking space is $25, additional spaces are $50
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Each vendor space that is requested is $35.
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Right to Refuse Vendors:
CPAA reserves the right to refuse to allow the sale or display of information it deems inappropriate or offensive for this event. CPAA also reserves the right to refuse any business, organization, or individual admittance to Woofstock.
Vendors must supply the following to access electrical power: All cable that runs across a street or paved walkway must be run through an electrical wire ramp to prevent pedestrian accidents.
Vendors must supply their own ramps. A minimum of 100 feet of three-wire, grounded, outdoor, multi-outlet extension cable. All 20amp circuits will require 12/3 cable with 30amp circuits requiring 10/3 cable. There will be no electrician on duty the day of the event in case of power failure.
Dogs for Adoption:
CPAA encourages shelters and rescue groups to showcase their adoptable animals at Woofstock. If you plan to bring adoptable animals, please note that you must adhere to the Pennsylvania Dog Law, Act of 1982, P.L. 784, No. 225. If CPAA determines that a group is not adhering to the law, the group will be told to leave the event. Below are a few rules concerning the dog law and/or CPAA policy concerning the dogs at Woofstock.
  • No Transfers of Ownership – You are welcome to take applications on your available dogs; however, no dog adoptions/transfers are permitted during this event. Under existing law, the transfer of a dog is permitted only at a licensed facility.
  • No Unaltered Animals -- All adoptable dogs must be spayed or neutered unless a medical reason (such as health or age) precludes them from being altered prior to the event.
  • Current Vaccinations and Dog Licenses are Required – All dogs must have current rabies shots and county dog licenses or kennel licenses. If you have any questions concerning these requirements, please contact the State Dog Law Enforcement Officer for Dauphin County, Mike Zeigler at 717-774-2780.
  • Dogs Must Be Under Control – Woofstock is being held in the park along well-traveled Front Street in Harrisburg. CPAA has been given approval for closure of that street for this event. Regardless, it is very important to have complete control of any animals in your care. For maximum safety, CPAA recommends placing a no-slip collar/leash on every dog to ensure that the dog cannot back out of his/her collar and the handler can control the dog at all times. CPAA also recommends using sturdy dog crates for animals not on a leash. NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES.
  • No Aggressive Dogs – No vicious or aggressive dogs are permitted at this event. Anyone handling an animal that displays aggression toward other animals or people will be told to remove that animal from the event immediately. CPAA reserves the right to refuse admittance to any animal displaying aggression toward other animals or people. Safety is our number one concern.
Tents: The City Parks Department does not allow any tent posts or tent stakes of any kind inserted into the ground. Tents or EZ-ups must be free standing. You may use weights (for ex- ample water bottles or sand bags) to secure your tent from the wind.
Trash: All trash is the responsibility of the VENDOR. All trash, food, debris, cardboard, and any other items MUST be collapsed and bagged and left near the city trash cans or removed from Front Street the day of. Nothing can be left behind without being bagged. Any vendor leaving behind un-bagged trash or cardboard boxes will be fined $150 and not allowed back to Woofstock.
Parking: There will be designated areas to unload your wares the day of WoofStock and then you will have to remove your vehicle from Front Street immediately. There is parking available on side streets (free), parking garages (flat fee for the day), or on City Island (free).
If you would like to park on Front Street near your booth space, the fee is $25.00 for first space. Additional spaces are $50. Parking is limited and will be available on a first come first serve basis.
For those vendors paying for parking, parking placards for your dashboard will be issued upon entry to WoofStock. Any vehicle parked along Front Street without a placard will be towed.
There will be no electrician on duty the day of the event in case of power failure. CPAA strongly recommends the use of quiet generators instead of electricity.
Non-Refundable: All registrations are non-refundable and go directly towards CPAA's programs.


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